photo by  @janeshwardas

photo by @janeshwardas


getting to know what i don’t know

Hello! I’m Alexandra Moga, a yoga and meditation teacher, a writer, and a healer. Most of all, I’m a human walking the tightrope of service and soul-purpose.

So far, the best part about this journey called life has been experiencing the magic of spontaneous joy through love. Zero pretense. Full presence. A beginner’s mind, a child’s heart, a philosopher’s curiosity. Dancing barefoot in the dust with a heard of sheep at golden hour. Surrendering years of bottled up fear and shame in a rebirthing ceremony. Following my gut to Paris at 17. Bathing in ice-cold holy rivers with millions of pilgrims. Confronting the naysayer in my mind and doing that thing I deeply long to do (be my authentic self). Being there for friends and strangers (though I’m not convinced anyone’s actually a stranger). Bridging hearts and minds, especially in moments of intense resistance. Again. And again. And again.

I’m deeply dedicated to my own evolution and through it, I sincerely strive to serve & Inspire others in their own personal transformations.

  • As a yoga guide; every day, I drink from and do my best to embody the full-spectrum tradition of yoga, from the physical, to the energetic, to the philosophical, to the devotional.

  • As a reiki healer; healing begins with presence and ends when we’ve learned what we needed to, integrated it, and can shake off the old skin to step into what awaits us on the other side.

  • As a creative consultant; aesthetics are the dimension we can all perceive and my eyes, ears, and intuition are forever directing me towards harmony, surprise, beauty, and comprehensive, clear communication.

  • As a writer of poetry, prose, song; it’s a gift I am grateful for every day — because of it, I can fly.

  • As an astrology aficionado; blending math, archetypal psychology, sacred geometry, and divine timing, your birth is a moment which has made its mark on the universe, and, certainly, the rest of your human life on this planet. We discuss your birth/life/death blueprint, revealing your higher destiny and path forward.

photo by  Marek Berry

photo by Marek Berry